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It Started With A Pregnancy Sept 2011

After One Hot Date ..... Dr Cooper Roberts has a new job and the chance to begin a new life. What's most definitely not in his plans? Waking up with his new colleague, Melissa Bell...And having to hold his head up above the dropped jaws of his fellow docs as he escorts Missy to buy a pregnancy test!

It Started With A Pregnancy

It took ten minutes to find a pharmacy, buy a test and get home.

Missy was desperate to pee and didn’t want to waste the opportunity. She might be a midwife but she’d no idea there were so many different kinds of pregnancy tests. She was so used to the one that they used routinely in the hospital that the array of boxes had bewildered her. In the end Cooper had grabbed the first two that he’d seen and paid for them, while she still stood there dithering.

A quick glance at the instructions and she headed for the toilet. She looked at her watch. Who knew two minutes could be so long?

She’d wanted a child for so long. But she’d wanted the loving relationship that went with having a child. At least in her mind it did. She was twenty-nine. She’d been diabetic for twenty-one years. She didn’t want to wait any longer. She wasn’t going to.

She glanced at her watch. One minute up.

Cooper was standing glancing out of her window with his hands deep in his pockets. He didn’t seem to be looking at his watch. He seemed lost in another world. She couldn’t really have picked a worse candidate for a father. Would an anonymous one night stand have been better? She was going to have to see Cooper at work every day. Would he interfere in her life? Would he want to have contact with her baby? Her baby. She was already starting to think that way.

Her eyes glanced across the counter as Cooper came and sat next to her. They didn’t have to wait a whole two minutes. He’d bought the most expensive test on the market. This one didn’t have pink or blue lines. This one told it like it was.

One word. Pregnant.

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